Imaginarium AliGunjan, an NDA initiative, is dedicated to stimulating and cultivating the imagination. AliGunjan fosters the confluence, creation and development of technological, scientific, economic, legal, tax, commercial, social, artistic, recreational or spiritual thought.

It is an apolitical platform for world leaders and global thinkers - to discuss, debate and find solutions to the big challenges faced by the planet, in a collegial and constructive manner, putting aside narrow self-interest.

In essence, the imaginarium will be a place to think on anything under the sun (and the moon), and therefore, a 'Blue Sky'!

As you might be aware, we are an India centric global law firm, and a go-to firm for companies worldwide for doing business in India as well as for Indian firms doing business worldwide.

Identifying and solving complex problems is our passion. We are therefore deeply rooted in research, thought leadership and innovation. We have been greatly encouraged by the recognition from Financial Times as one of the world's and Asia's most innovative law firm.

AliGunjan is the first-of-its-kind and an IOT driven unique state-of-the-art campus to think, ideate and change the world for better - and together. It is a platform for all of us to do something innovative, something fresh and something exciting.


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